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Hi there, and welcome once again to my little corner of the web. It really only exists because I needed a semi-permanent email address and didn't like the whole market-research-big-brother-conspiracy stories that were rolling around about gmail. This domain has gone through a variety of changes, though most of them have been blogs. Then there was a while where it was just a holding page for something else. But that didn't quite work out, for various reasons. So now I am returning it to a state that is somewhat usable. I hope you like it. The design was created by Vacant (Chris Blunden), and partly because I am lazy, but mostly because its awesome as is, I haven't done anything to it. Go visit the site and dish out the mad fly props.

a journal, not a blog?

I've decided I don't want this to be a blog. And seeing as Jo is such a proponent of the term 'journal' (I think - its possible that due to being drunk most of the time I see her that I imagined this) I went with it. Its not really a journal though, as I doubt I will be updating anything here very regularly, i'll just vent from time to time. Ok?

about me

There is very little to tell. You probably only visit because you know me, in which case you probably already know anything that I want you to know about me. If not, say hi sometime and I might tell you all the choice things about me that you don't know.

how to navigate

Can I reveal my inner geek and talk about spice-melange? no? Ok, just in case it has confused anyone, here's how the navigation of this site doth work: If a page was long enough there would be a bar for scrolling on the right that should look and act like any other scroll bar. At the bottom of the scroll bar should be a little up arrow type thing that returns you to the top of the page. At the top of the scroll bar the little x closes this page and returns you to the previous. Also you can click on the links above all this text box where it says index >> about you can click on that too. Got it? Good.

Oh, and because I am too lazy to try to learn any fancy programming I will be updating all of this manually, which includes directory structures and links and stuff, so I could easily stuff it up. Sorry if I have.

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