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One of the twins brought this back from the shop the other day, so I watched along. Im still not convinced that Leo is the shit hot actor that he and lots of other people think he is, but all in all it was harmless enough I suppose.

But then I gots to thinking, this is a film essentially about the exploitation and suffering of people. Brought about by the large sums of money to be made by selling diamonds.

So, is this film a great educator for those who have no idea where diamonds come from and how? Or is it more exploitation, albeit not quite as directly.

I was wondering to myself if Leo still got his $10 odd million for it, and if he did what he did with the money. Did the film make lots of money, what did they do with the money?

I suppose you're not supposed to be as cynical maybe? It was a reasonable film, but not great, I give it half a bunch of asparagus.
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