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Heh, I was vaguely thinking of criticising the Pixie for not writing anything in her blog for a month, when I actually had to go an check to see if I had done the same thing. And while I can definately say that I posted two things in the month of May, I didn't really write anything. So, now that I am in bed and nicely sated with a dram of Lagavulin, let me try to sum up what has happened in the last wee while.

May went super fast, and a lot of it in a hazy blur of alcohol. Well, maybe saying a lot of it actually glamorises things a little, but my bank balance tells me I didn't do as good a job at saving money as I might have.

I feel like I have been busy and rarely home, though I don't really know what I have been doing. I have sucked at Pub Quizes, and enjoyed many two for one Coronas. I have farewelled Sally, by eating lots of Chinese food, and drinking too much wine, and too many beers.

I've been much better at pool when drunk than when sober. I cooked up lots of mussels and other seafood - it was ok, but not really my best. I have hung out with people back from Korea, and people who never went to Korea. I have been waging a battle against the flu - and winning most of the time.

I caught up with some people from my old work accidentally, and been happy about it. I've tidied and reorganised things; busted, and fixed, other things. I've dreamt of plans and goals and ambitions, but worked little towards any of them.

I've achieved nothing of note, circumvented Kats and missed parties. I've been bored at work, and good at work. I saw a movie which moved me, and one that was dreadful but did have the cute Charlie from Heroes. I've caught a train, helped build a step, and wished a gran happy birthday.

And now, im going to go to sleep.

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