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In my ever so humble opinion, Children of Men was the bestest movie to be released in that intermaresting year of 2006.

To me, the best sci-fi should not answer questions about the future, but ought to ask questions about right now. Which is probably a good enough reason for me to rate this film as being one of the greatest of the sci-fi genre I have seen in a very long time.

Sure, I do love the escapist nature of some of the lighter stuff, but then I like a lot of movies that aren't particularly great in any grand kind of way.

Children of Men manages to keep its entire length tense and exciting and just damned good. One of the main reasons I wanted to see it was a description of a car chase I read somewhere. Its brilliant, not flashy, not even fast - the cars need to be jump started and they're just rolling down a hill - but oh my god is it nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat type stuff.

I be rating this one 7/7.
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