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I almost feel like I have failed to live up to my vague resolutions already. Im not entirely sure why, but I've been thinking far too much of late. Its not a good habit at all!

I really need to get out more and meet some new people. Get different people stuck in my head instead :-)

Great plan I know!

Anyways, so today I am going to (hopefully, if they're sold out I will murder someone/thing) buy some tickets for Calexico. One for my flatmate because it was his birthday last week. And one for myself, and then that's it because I am a little bit poor.

Still need to think of a present for the other flatmate - sometimes known as "the evil one" though im not sure why. Perhaps he really is evil, as two different sets of people have come up with that independently. Though both came up with it before meeting him, so who knows. I find it hard to tell, he doesn't smell of sulfur, or fire & brimstone.

Oh, by the by, im not as bad as the first two paragraphs may have made it seem. Writing things down helps to keep perspective y'know? Im sure some of my former audience understand. If they still visit. Who knows.

To do this week: Nag Smitty to take me out and buy me beers - he totally owes me one. (Probably more than one).
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