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Yes indeed, Easter is good. But not for the Jesus. Not for the buns. Not for the eggs. Easter is good for the days off work. However, Easter thwarts the goodness somewhat by silly alcohol licensing rules.

I had a busy, but mostly successful week of work. I do like my job, even though its kinda dumb. Well, I mean lots of my friends are in jobs where theoretically at least they ought to be helping to make other peoples' lives better in some way. My job doesn't really do this. Though I suppose you could say I help to make the jobs other people do easier, but its not quite the same.

Anyway, I appear to have acquired a drinking buddy from work. As the only evening we didn't drink was Tuesday. Which was good because Tuesday my flatties weren't home, so I got to cook some food that normally I can't cook.

Wednesday I got to catch up with Ms Chong. We tried to go to Auntie Mena's but it was full of hippies (surprised?) and they took forever to even think about asking us for our order, so we bailed and went to my old haunt The Oaks Satay Noodle House instead. Which was a good idea, because they're totally choice. Seriously, as Lis' dad says, if there are lots of asian people at an asian restaurant, its probably a good sign that its alright. Which isn't to say that The Oaks is high class, because it isn't, but its tasty and cheap! Though not BYO. Doh!

On Thursday night I went out again with some folks from work. After a drink at the bar opposite Leuven (whose name I forget) where we were easily the youngest people present, we upgraded (just barely) to The Loaded Hog. Actually I have no problem with this place, as whenever I have been there it has been 2 for 1 Corona's. Which meant that the bar staff were constantly coming past our table to clear the bottles. And, due to the fact that I didn't eat any dinners, Jimmy got drunken.

Then, because of some people's strange desire to dance, I was dragged off to Dockside. Which isn't really the sort of bar I would go to under normal circumstances. However, as things were going to be closing at midnight, and it was very close, it probably seemed like a good idea.

More beer and a whiskey, which was gross, ruined by lots of slushy ice. When pouring my own I prefer to use 3-4 cubes only, as that way the whiskey is coldish, but not overly watery. Anyway, midnight came and everybody got kicked out. Stupid, stupid Good Friday drinking rules.

After that I get a bit fuzzy, I thought we were catching a taxi, but seemed to lose the people I was with. So got a quick feed, but then there were no taxis, and I decided that I really was drunk enough, and I didn't want to be a silly boy so I bailed home.

Friday = hungover, all day. So I had to bail on playing some guitar with Benny.

Saturday I visited Te Papa, but it was chocker and not much fun, and I was in a grumpy mood.

Sunday is now, and I got to watch Bangladesh beat South Africa, HAH!

Ok, boring stories I know, but KP demanded, and I live to serve.

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