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Currently Reading: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides - even though I have discovered that he's some kind of Karl Rove sycophant (which I just realised im not sure how to spell).

Thinking of spelling, I don't even know if Verdelho is how it ought to be spelt. But that is by the by.

I have been attempting to educate myself about wine a little bit more of late. Perhaps thats because I have been a man of leisure and I needed to fill my hours somehow. Or perhaps its more because, as I often call myself a chef, I probably ought to know more about wine.

Anyway, as Marcus had planned a dinner at Istana Malaysia - generally iffy, but B.Y.O - I decided to plan the combination of my eating and my drinking a bit more carefully than I usually might.

I really like Asian food in general, and Malaysian food in particular. So, having been to a fair few Malaysian eateries in my time I made some educated guesses about what would be on the menu, and decided that I would be eating something containing seafood.

Thanks to the Al Gore, I was able to utilise the interweb's series of pipes to find a variety of wine that would suit the meal. Recklessly ignoring Jo's suggestions, I struck out on my own and decided to purchase a Verdelho.

This variety is apparantely a fairly plain old Portuguese one that is only recently finding favour as a table wine - whatever that means. But everything I read about it seemed to determined to convince me of its suitability for drinking whilst enjoying a spicy-asian-seafood meal. Perfect!

And it was too. Glengarry had this Esk Valley bottle for $20.50, they had a couple of others, but this may have been the cheapest, im not entirely sure, but there was a reason for choosing it.

Highly recommended by Jimmy - ****

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