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Ok, this is really really basic, but is indeed tasty as. Its what I made when my flatmates weren't home. One doesn't eat Kumara, and both don't eat Mushrooms. So I thought I would combine the two.

Im not going to go into much detail here, as its all pretty self explanatory.

I baked the Kumara chips with some Rosemary, Olive oil, salt and pepper I actually cut, them quite flat - almost wedge shaped, but not wedges, if that makes any sense at all. These were the base of the plate.

The Mushroom, Red Wine & Rosemary sauce was simple too:

Half a small onion, sliced.
4 Medium sized Portobello Mushrooms, sliced.
1/2 clove of garlic, minced.
40gms butter.
1/2 cup of Red Wine, I think I might have used a Cabernet Merlot, if such a thing exists. I could get up and go look at the bottle, but I am LAZY!
Some finely chopped Rosemary.

So obviously, gently sweat off the onion in 3/4 of the butter, then bump up the heat and add the mushrooms, garlic and remaining butter. Once mushrooms are, well, browned I suppose. Add the wine, cook out for a bit, then season.

Ok, here's where I pretend to be really thoughtful when I cook. When the Kumara is about 8 minutes away from being done, I pan-fried the Fillet steak. Its important to season the meat before you pan fry it, and as these were smallish steaks it took barely a minute on each side, before I took them off the heat to rest briefly. This way the meat is nice and rare, but wont bleed everywhere. If I was being really sensible here as well I would have deglazed the pan with a bit of red wine and added this to the Mushrooms.

Ok, Kumara comes out and is seasoned immediately, I don't know why exactly, but the salt works so much better if the chips are still really hot. Then I plated, because I like to make stuff look good, even if I am the only one who will see it.

Chips on the bottom.
1st Fillet.
1/2 the Mushrooms.
2nd Fillet.
Rest of Mushrooms.
Then the crispy Rosemary that was baked with the Kumara.

This is where a) I really need a camera; as b) I prove the obvious - simple = good.

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