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Whoops, its been a while since I last updated, remember when I used to do it daily?

Hmm, anyway, I am feeling a random sense of maturity at the moment. Of course I probably ought to feel it given how old I am getting an all, but its quite nice knowing a few things:

1) The warning signs - as Mr Kirwan likes to put them.
2) What I ought to avoid when they're present.
3 a) That I can make the concessions and say hello again and...
3 b) that I can keep making them and keep trying even when it feels like im the only one making a big effort and...
3 c) being able to laugh and shrug it off when I realise the above is just silly and that its all good all round.
4) Im not as judgemental as I used to be, and I am ok with people making what might seem to be dumb decisions to me.
5) That just being content is ok, and that its also fine to not be happy all the time, and that yeah, ok, so what if I get depressed sometimes?
6) Laughing at myself for being a dork is anxiety-reducing.
7) Being a dork and making myself laugh is funny.
8) I am not impatient.

Life is one great big learning experience right now. Ups and downs and small steps right now - but that's good enough.
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