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So I have a job, signed on the dotted line(s).

I think its going to be a lot better than my last one. The base pay is pretty similar to my previous salary, except I wont be working 45-50 hours a week.

If you add in the rebates I get, and health insurance my base pay is identical to old job. Plus there is an extra 10% up for grabs in performance related pay.

Plus if I ever have to be on call, I get an extra $300 bonus for every week.

Im very happy about all of this. The workplace is much nicer, the people seem really nice too.

Best of all the work is going to be challenging an stimulating. Challenging because there will be a lot to learn, not because there's more to do than hours in the day.

So I will be learning a lot, and will be developing lots of skills that will actually be very applicable in a career sense.

The last two years of employment have been very up and down. I loved working with most of the people there, and for a lot of the time I had fun and enjoyed what I did.

However there was a flip side which made me really depressed and miserable as well, and I really feel like I wasn't respected or appreciated as much as I deserved.

Thankfully that is all over now, and im a very happy chappy indeed. Im heading up to the bay this weekend to check out my cottage. I start work on Monday, so I should be all bright, refreshed and ready to kick some ass!

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posted on Fri, 1 Dec 2006 at 11:24 AM » permalink