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Calexico at SFBH 21 Feb 2007 is now 2nd equal on my most favourite shows of all time list. Admittedly it is a reasonably short list, but I am making a new attempt at fulfilling a resolve to see more shows.

Actually in that vein I even went to a completely random show last Friday but got majorly anxious due to all of the cool kids so chickened out and bailed home after not very long. Yeah, im sometimes a bit of a wuss.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I had thought that seeing The Phoenix Foundation last night would sate me enough, and that I wouldn't be worried about missing them play the Carnival. But damn, they were so bloody good.

I love the new stuff they played, but my favourite aspect of all of the shows of theirs I have seen is their ability to play everything in a slightly different way and make it seem fresh. To be honest im not even sure they do arrange their songs differently, or if the subtle variations give me that impression.

I was so glad when either Sam or Buda gave a slight dig at the fuckers who kept talking. I know Jo gets pissed about this too, but fucking SERIOUSLY. If you must chat with your goddamn friends and pay no attention to the band then get the fuck outside. ARGGHGHGHGH!

Anyway eventually Calexico made it on stage, I thought at first that maybe they would be reasonably quick to setup, but they have a shitload of instruments and I suppose miking the non-electrified ones up must be a right pain in the ass.

We had a pretty good spot up in the front near the middle, which was usurped later on by a couple who managed to frustrate not because I was angry about them barging on in, but because they kept whispering and going all "oh my god" about us supposedly being angry. Oh, and don't bring your goddamn bag into the middle of the dance floor and keep whacking me with it - so not cool.

Anyway, Calexico were so totally choice. I'd seen a live DVD, but I think I now get Jessie's point - because I just loved having the time to watch one of them for a whole song, instead of cutting all over the place.

They played pretty much every song I could think of wanting them to play, though I would have been happy if they'd just jammed out some instrumental stuff for ages. Perhaps that would have pissed the "QUATTRO" guy off a little bit too much. Oh and to him, don't shout shit out in quiet bits you big nong.

Crikey, I am antsy tonight. That's probably due to having to get up at 6am this morning to make it to work. Jimmy is very sleepy.
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