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Wowee, thanks to the wonder of the internets, I received my secret squirrel information that enabled me to see Hot Fuzz without paying any dollars or cents.

Not only that, but I got to queue in line for almost 2 hours, and be spoken to in brief (along with everybody else) by Peter, Simon, Edgar & Nick.

We got a few freebies, the best being the donut because I was starving. And one totally sweet (not really) badge.

Anyway, I was there to see if they could live up to Shaun of the Dead. Oh boy oh boy did they.

Hot Fuzz is funny in all the awesomely cheesy over the top action movie ways that Snakes on a Plane wasn't. Whereas SOAP felt to me like burning money. Hot Fuzz doesn't have one line. It has many lines and they make you laugh, not cringe.

I don't want to continue that comparison, because its probably not fair, as Hot Fuzz was actually written with comedy in mind, by funny people. Anyway, the film is roughly in two parts. The first being more about building up the characters and establishing the plot, then the second about paying EVERYTHING off.

There are some pretty awesome cameos in it, Steve Coogan is as good as always, and Bill Bailey is totally choice. Outside of the two leads though, I think it was Paddy Considine which was the best. Maybe because I had just seen him in the gritty and grim Dead Man's Shoes, the difference between the characters was night and day. He plays a good twat.

The best of course was Simon & Nick - who could really make buddy movies for the rest of their lives they work so well together.

I recommend this film really highly, im trying to think of a recent film I can stack it up next to, hmm. Better than Borat, by far.
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