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I suppose really I am taking liberties here, for it was Dimmer, with Hot Swiss Mistress last Friday at the bar with the dreadful name.

Jessie seemed to think she would have to bribe me into coming by letting me in for free, however I was always going to be there with bells on to see Hot Swiss Mistress again. Especially as i'd missed their previous gig due to being up in the bay.

Holy crap i'd almost forgotten how much I missed them. They're even better than I remember, new songs are choice, and all was grand. I bought their EP, The Falling Stars, which I believe can be acquired from Slowboat, and you ought to get it, or else. I haven't stopped listening to it yet.

Dimmer were cool too.
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posted on Thu, 10 May 2007 at 6:14 PM » permalink