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Yes, this is my third post in one day. The Pixie was telling me how she was looking forward to getting the internets at home so she could catch up on reading this. Which made me feel a little guilty about having nothing to read. So I am working hard.

Im also bored as I had nothing planned for this hour of the day as I was thinking that perhaps Ms Fur was going to want me to fix her internets for her. But apparantely as bad as it is, its not worth breaking into her flatmate's room for to fix.

So, here I am, bored, feeling slightly depressed, wanting to do some laundry but not wanting to wake the flatmate whose bedroom has naught but a thin wall betwixt it and the washing machine.

Since I last wrote about me (rather than the two posts this morning which were about movies and food respectively. I probably haven't done much, but if I think hard I might come up with something.

The cottage comes along nicely, a lot of work went into the verandah roof, which reveals the true complications of dealing with translocated century-plus year old buildings. Essentially every piece of wood has to be measured and cut to fit, otherwise the front would look squiggly instead of nice and square. Even then we didn't get it perfect, but the catch-cry at the moment seems to be "RUSTIC!" We've scored some new (to the cottage) carpet thats quite a bit better than the old stuff, so that's good.

I've moved offices, which I was a little bit worried about, but has actually turned out really good. Ka Pai sells People's Coffee so I have become a regular somewhere again. Which reminds me, I think I may have stolen a coffee on Friday. I was half asleep when I got there and there were a few other people waiting on coffees, so I patiently waited for the Barista to finish making coffees before ordering mine. After a time she said "this is yours" to me, and placed a coffee near(ish) me. So I grabbed it and wandered off to work. It was only in the elevator that I realised that a) I hadn't ordered a coffee yet, and b) I hadn't paid for one either. So erm, I may have to pay for two on Monday. Sorry to who ever it was who missed out on theirs. Funnily enough it was what I would have ordered!

I finally got my apparantely oh so feminine hoodie back off Claire. Even though she has already departed the country. It meant I got to hang out and have a few beers with Helen. Which was really choice because she is super cool and its always a pleasure to be in her company.

I also attempted to do something else and totally failed but im not sure I want to write about that. For starters the other person involved could potentially stumble across, and read this. Thusly that person would discover I was lying, somewhat. Which I can TOTALLY justify, but I am not sure I want to. Its not complicated, in fact its very simple. Its sort of funny in an embarrassing (to me) way.

No, it shall have to wait for another day.

Farewell for now, dear friends.

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