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Little Miss Sunshine Poster Ok, so maybe its just that Sufjan Stevens features in the soundtrack, but I really liked Little Miss Sunshine.

Im always fond of darkly funny films, and this family road trip has its fair share of suicide, anguish, failure, drug addiction and tragedy. But still ends up being heart warming and sweet, without being overly sickly.

Im not going to give away any plot details, mostly because im too lazy to type it up. Which I suppose means I ought to stop writing about this now, as there's not a great deal more to say.

Other than its really well cast, and everyone plays their parts pretty much perfectly. I love how Steve Carrell never uses his hands to push the van. And Paul Dano is pretty choice too, especially as his character doesn't talk.

Oh yes, the sound track is really good too. There's one recurring motif that kept reminding me of SJD, and i've had difficulty deciding whether I want to listen to that or Sufjan, but because they played my favourite song from The Avalanche in the credits Mr Stevens won out today.

Anyway, I give this movie 4/5, doubt its not still playing in the cinema, so get the DVD out.
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posted on Wed, 27 Dec 2006 at 9:33 PM » permalink