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A new wine for me. Chosen on recommendation by a nice person at the Wine Seeker store on Victoria St. I told him I wanted to buy wine that would impress my Aunt and would go well with Beef & Lamb. He suggested a Te Mania Pinot Noir, and this Locharburn wine.

The Locharburn was around $35, and the Te Mania $25. Following instructions I had the Te Mania first, even though I'd forgot to cook the lamb (oops).

Im not fancy enough to actually describe the wine's qualities, so here is what Wine Seeker says.

When I did get around to drinking the Locharburn it did go splendidly with the medium-rare steak I had cooked with assistance from my Aunt, and it made the Te Mania taste like a $10 wine.

If you care if I recommend stuff, I give it 5/5.
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