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Im going to blame Jo's linkoramia for this, because I can.

I've been reading a raft of regularly maintainted blogs & online journal's this morning, its sort of making me want to write in mine more regularly.

I am shocked and awed by this revelation.

I am also considering ways in which I might be able to import the last data-dump I did of the old blog into this new system. But I have a funny feeling that doing so will be much to tricksy for this brain of mine. Then again, I am REALLY clever. Sortof.

Ok, so yesterday due to the bad weather we didn't get as much work done on the cottage as I would have liked. However much progress has been made since I showed that first photo, so I will try to get another one up sometime soon too.

Helen thinks Kip is mad for spending the money on the thing. I of course am totally grateful, and think it will be well worth it. Particularly in 10-15 years time when there's more trees all over the place. Who wouldn't want to come up here for a dirty weekend with a significant other, and stay in a cottage of their own for only $80-90 a night? HUh, who?!?!!?

After that I got to BBQ up a storm (yes, in the "bad weather") which is good, because I BBQ very well. Made a great Couscous dish to go with some grilled veges, and we got to drink the last bottle of the Locharburn which as the storeperson had told me, doesn't go as well with lamb as it does with beef.

Two sets of Uncles & Aunties were present, and it was the first time in a long long time that I had spent time with them without the rest of the hordes of extended family. They were much more enjoyable. Even when one got onto such a narrow-minded rant that you would think he was drunken if you didn't know he was a tea-totaller. Quite amusing all round, and I am pretty sure that everybody found it a welcome change to most family gatherings. Which isn't to say that they're unenjoyable, but having a whole evening to speak to 4 people is much easier than a whole evening to try to speak to 30.

I have discovered that the Bus up here is going to be doing 2 trips a day back to Wellingtown, this means that should I want to I can stay longer up here. Which is probably a good thing. I wonder if they will do a late trip up to Dannevirke as well, because that would mean I wouldn't have to be met in Palmerston North for the train. Which would also mean I miss out on the bar that is in the train.

Ok, I need to go an assist with drawing an ellipse on a large piece of wood now. We had to look up how to do it on the internets because we're retarded.
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