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Ok, so yesterday the cottage got moved from its section in town out to its spot on the farm. Im so excited about it its not funny.

A picture of the cottage, choice eh?

Its 113 years old, and apart from some dodgy construction of the floor (into the walls instead of being on jousts or something - im no carpenter), its good as.

At the moment that little window on the right is where the bathroom is, but in the future that will be shifted into a lean-to at the back. Then we'll get a set of french-doors to replace the front door. A proper window for that bedroom on the right. And build a verandah on the front. Kip wants to match the style of era it was built, which means a bull-nose verandah - the ones with the curving iron and posts holding up the front beam. Should be choice.

The outside will eventually look reasonably similar to buildings of the long long ago, but im hoping to fancy the pants out of the inside a bit.

We'll see, if I get no job and have no moneys to spend on it, it will be tricksy.

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