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So tired today, brain refusing to function above bare minimum, that I started saying things like tonight when I meant tomorrow night. Ooops. Yeah so I got my boss panicked about nothing. Hah!

Friday night I raced home from work. Race being a word that completely doesn't describe the incredibly slow progress up into Brooklyn thanks to the totally awesome 20 second saving Bypass that has added an additional set of lights 10 metres from another to the journey. And a crossing of a 3 lane motorway beginning. So bloody stupid.

In the news articles I read about it they mentioned the trench option being rejected for "environmental and budgetary reasons". I can't see the environmental benefit of having traffic backed up Victoria st to the Library for about an hour or so every day, but then im not a hippie.

After I'd done a bit of shopping at the dairy, then got changed I jetted down to check out Smitty's new flat which is a pretty sweet apartment. He is so flash these days that he actually cooked me dinner. A really nice pizza, and then gave me beers. So to say thankyou I beat him at Backgammon. Which for some reason I have totally gotten into these days.

After that it was down to the Southern Cross to have some farewell drinks for Claire who is back off to San Diego. Met some fun peoples, drank plenty of beers. I love the Southern Cross. I think its quite possibly my favourite bar in Wellington now.

Stumbling home town was very busy with all the "thirsty firstys" as Rob liked to put them. I am beginning to wonder if The Mighty Mighty may have done its dash with me as 1) there was a queue, and 2) the queue was made up of drunken yobos. I'd like to check out that place on Dixon St again for its complete lack of both the points mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I woke up early and began to prepare a tasty brunch. The twins parents came and Alex & Alice too. Alice is really nice, super nice actually, though I was expecting way more of a hippie, but oh well. Brunch was really really good. I ate lots, because it was all so delicious.

Then after missing Kora we decided to go down town to check out the Carnival. This was the time that my hangover decided would be best to make its presence felt, so the crowds and masses didn't go down too well with me. Retreating to Frank Kitts for Gelato was a splendid idea. Thanks Jimmy for being so smart.

Then, to the supermarket, where I impulse shopped some treats for the Country Club's Australian BBQ. Kiwiberries are totally weird, but Venison burgers are totally delicious. Not entirely sure how Australian they are, but I did get some shrimp/prawns. Were they any good Jo?

After sitting around in the beautiful sunshine it became apparent that as the only male I was supposedly the only person qualified to make fire. I did an ok job at first, but after the first batch of snarlers were cooked up the charcoal decided it didn't want to be very hot anymore. Thankfully with Dave's help I managed to get some other charcoal burning up a storm and the BBQing resumed.

Luckily the new flatmate's friends made heaps of food, and then other people cooked prawns & felafel otherwise my manliness would have failed completely. After all that I was quite tired, and certainly not in the mood for being around masses of people again. So Lisa did me the awesome favour of not just transporting me over Mt Victoria instead of through its grotty tunnel, but all the way up to my house. Cheers bro!

Sunday = very tired. Watched Dead Man's Shoes which I will talk about later if I remember. I think the only other thing I did was cook dinner & eat Burger Rings. Then I tried to go to sleep but ended up waking at about 1am. Hence the very first paragraph.

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