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So we decided to have a finale for BBQing this summer. If we leave the BBQ out another winter we're sure to be hit with the cost of at least a new regulator, if not the burners as well. So soon we will be packing it away until summer.

I decided to make a salad I hadn't made in ages, because of the importance of the occasion. Its actually one I learnt while at school, tweaked ever so slightly - mostly in quantities, but a few slight changes of ingredient too. Hopefully im breaching some super hardout copyrights.

Anyway, I always get a little bit apprehensive about serving this, I worry that people will think smoked fish that isn't salmon is too freaky. When its absolutely delicious. Thankfully the guests concurred, and actually requested the recipe. I live to serve.

200gm Smoked Tarakihi fillets - I have made this with Kahawai as well, and even Smoked Salmon. I think the key though is that the fish shouldn't completely overwhelm the rest of the ingredients, so Tarakihi is all good.

3-4 Medium Golden Kumara - Beauregard are choice for this.

1 Large, Crisp Apple - Try not to go for one that is really sweet.

6-8cm Telegraph Cucumber
1 Spring Onion
1 small tub Natural Yoghurt
50ml Sweet Whole Seed Mustard Dressing
30ml whole grain mustard
3 large handfuls Baby Spinach
Cider Vinegar

How you do it:
Peel and slice your Kumara into 5mm rounds, boil until just cooked in salted water, then drain, sprinkle with a little vinegar (about a capful) and allow to cool in a single layer.

Finely slice the Spring Onion, then roughly chop a few sprigs of Coriander, including the stalk.

Finely slice the Apple and Cucumber, and add to the Spring Onion & Coriander, sprinkly a cap or two of vinegar over this.

Mix the Mustard, Mustard Dressing and Natural Yoghurt together, season lightly with Salt, heavily with Pepper.

Gentle fold all of the above ingredients together, then prepare to plate.

Layer the bottom of a medium sized flatish bowl with spinach, you want it a couple of leaves thick, but keep the bowl shape.

Fill the space with the Kumara mixture, gently so you don't break up the Kumara too much.

Flake the Smoked Tarakihi on top, then garnish with a couple of sprigs of Coriander. The idea is that you can see all three layers of the dish.

At school we actually plated this individually, and layered the three ingredients into a little mountain, it looks ok, but this is a BBQ so it had to be in a big bowl.

Im thinking of trying this with baked Kumara chips or something similar, as the texture can get a little bit mushy if you make it too far ahead of time and the apple and cucumber lose its bite. If I get around to trying that out, I'll probably forget to tell you about it.

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