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My flatmate and I actually met each other some years ago now, when we both moved into Weir House in 1999 as first year university students. In all the time since then, there hasn't been one flat that hasn't had someone from that same year of the hostel living in it with me. Which must be some kind of indication that it was a fairly important part of moving down here to Wellington I suppose.

In one of those random encounters which are constantly happening in Wellington, one of my new colleagues at my job knows people from the same year of the hostel. Pat and I argued over whose face these names belonged to, but couldn't reach agreement. (Pat got 0/2 and I got 1/2, because I am awesome). Thanks to the yearbook not captioning any photos it was pretty hard to remember who was who. Which got me to thinking, and I realise I can't actually remember much at all about life in the hostel. This makes me wonder how much of life both before and after then I also cannot remember.

I figure I should start documenting things more. And perhaps relearn some of the database stuff I learnt at Uni so I can recover articles from blogs gone by. I have this vague notion that I have about 4 years worth of posts sitting somewhere on my computer, which should essentially cover my first forays into blogging up until I really gave up on the old supergood site.

Anyway, about 5 minutes ago I was really motivated to try to write about my year in the hostel and record as much as I could remember. But now I just want to drink my coffee and listen to Iron & Wine.

Oh, I really ought to try to be more motivated sometimes. I know, I will try to remember the names of all the people that lived on my floor in the hostel and if I know, describe where they are now. Im going to start at the end nearest the lifts and go all the way around. If any of you that be reading this lived with me then, correct me if you can.

Joe Kelly - Working in Wellington.
Hamish McDougal - In Londinium
Rowan McAffery - Office Lady at Vic Uni
ME!! - Awesome in Wellington.
Luke Smith - Working in Wellington.
Chris ?? -
Bianca ?? -

People I do not remember, including Bianca's room-mate and then the person that replaced Bianca. Plus 2 of Bianca's boyfriends, I think. No idea what their names are.

Debbie Napier - In Londinium

Mark Adeane - I think he's working in Wellington.
Tim Holtrop

More people I don't remember until the end of that corridor, on the opposite side is...

AJ ?? -
AJs Roommate - Working in Wellington?
Sam -
Daniel Edwards - In Korea
Jonathon -
Phil Cornege - Last time I saw him he was working in Wellington.
Sholto Duncan - Working / Maybe Studying in Wellington.
Patrick Tuapola - Trying to absorb my awesomeness and studying in Wellington.
Lisa Eire - Working in Wellington.
Chloe Davenport -
Amy Van Der Lar - With Wille from A-floor, in Wellington.
JoElla Van Doorn - She is married, unsure of new surname.
Natalie Howell ?? - Working and living with Alistair Saunders in Wellington last I heard.
Sarah B - You know, I just realised I have no idea if you got a new surname or not. Married to Mark Bennett and living in Boston at the moment. They blog.
Becky Francis - Now Becky Crowe, a mum in Wellington somewhere, Im supposed to be visiting for a pot-luck dinner tonight, so I hope I found out where she lives soon.
Keren-Peta Lorier - Studying in The Hague, cavorting with foreign men.
Bridie Henderson - Back up in Tauranga, being a lawyer.
Pip Southey - Got married, not sure of new name if she took one.
Josie Burdon - Going to be a music teacher in Hawke's Bay I think.
Awhi Hollis - Married Chris English, and I think is going to move to Hawke's Bay too.
Tania ?? -
Ed Ptlini - Not sure how to spell his surname, actually works where I do, I want to know where he buys his shirts.
Braedon Burn - Nobody I know has heard anything of the Gammy King after that first year, did he even exist?

Im pretty sure there'd be more than 10 people I have forgotten entirely. Thats quite scary. I think I could probably name maybe another 20 people from the rest of the hostel. I wonder what happened to the rest of them?

To be completely honest, I barely knew most of the rest. As far as I can remember anyway.

I bet that was boring if you never lived there that year! Sucka.
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