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Im not sure when I last wrote to you, dearest blog of mine. I think it may have been when I talked about smoked fish. Which would place it nigh on a week ago. Im sorry I ignored the reminders to post something - sorry I broke the rules.

This does go slightly against my weak vow not to feel sorry for so many things - especially those things which are not much my fault.

So, perhaps a week since I last wrote, here I sit in my lounge, listening to National Radio, sweating a bit because its humid and I just drank two delicious cups of coffee. I'd like more coffee, however that would require standing up - an ability I possess, but one that my head protests against.

I have been spending silly amounts of money this week on gadgets. I bought a little adaptor for my MacBook which means I can plug it into a television. And I also bought two wireless routers - one is for my flatmates wee lassy - the other so that when I do have my lappy plugged into the TV I can access what I want to watch without the aid of cables.

Today, if I get motivated I am going to build a Ubuntu based NAS. These are geeky words for having a computer that doesn't use Windows with big hard drives inside of it turned on and plugged into the network. This means that I will have a much more stable storage facility than my slightly iffy external hard-drive. Like the last one its starting to grind and fuss and complain when its turned on. Im scared it will die.

So yes, if you weren't aware, Mr SuperGood IS a huge nerd. Sadly, even if it was the size of your NAS that made you a hit with the ladies, I will lose out there too, because mine isn't going to be massive.

Right, enough even with the geek talk. This week went very quickly. Work was reasonably busy - next week will be worse. I will have to catch up on work that wasn't done the way I would have done it, if I were doing the work. I would get rage if I cared more - all I am about is doing what I do as good as I can do it, and not worrying about how badly others do the same. Even if it makes it difficult for me. Just watch me try hard to be reasonable and nice.

I made some absolutely delicious burgers on Wednesday for dinner, but it annoys me that so much of the food I really like is quite probably turning me into a big fatty. Oh well. I've been trying to eat better for lunches as well, though the temptation of fried chicken is hard to resist.

Thursday I went to the pub quiz at Syn, because when I had last been there the team that won the first round got a free pizza. Unfortunately the rules had been changed, and it was the team with the best name. We lost out to one that borrowed heavily from the promotional material of the drink that is plastered all over the walls there: "Ribena, curing scurvy since 1892 - Yeah Right". We did really crap in the quiz, nowhere near the prizes.

Friday I went for one drink after work which just like last week turned into many. This new workmate is a terrible influence! I even met some clients / competitors of ours, I hope I didn't give away any tip top secrets. The Occidental is pretty rubbish, and so goddamned noizy. Arizona was mildly better, especially after the Export Gold slappers left, and the spinning for drinks stopped.

Then we wandered down to Vintage, which apparantely occupies the premises of a former gay bar. I didn't even know there were premises there. They had nice wallpaper, and drinks that tasted good despite not using the ingredients stated.

But I got bored, and decided I ought to leave before I did things I ought not to do. Then I gave in to the fried chicken temptation. Oh my god, I might have to follow the example of someone we now have to hates, and become a vegetarian just to prevent this from happening. It certainly isn't shrinking my tummy.

Ok, now I am bored of writing. I might go and see if the Pixie has emailed me yet, I bet she hasn't.

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