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I suppose I am a bit late on the bandwagon on this one. Its because im a little bit spoilt by having flatmates with a video store. This means we get preview DVDs not long after cinema releases so there's less incentive to actually go to the movies. (That and no ladies asking me out on a date - whats up with that?).

Anyway, I don't actually know if we got this one on preview or not, I am guessing not as it came in a proper case and ages after cinema release.

My thoughts in brief:

Leonardo didn't annoy me as much as normal, but I still hates him to death.

The handful of stretches in terms of credibility didn't offend, though HONESTLY, there's a lot of gullibility in this film.

I suppose Scorcese deserved an oscar at some stage, and this isn't a bad film to give him it for, but it definately wasn't the best directed film of 2006, and it certainly wasn't the best film. (Children of Men gets my nod on both counts).

Mr Wahlberg was pretty good, I still like his brother better.

Oh my lord wasn't she just incredibly beautiful?

Thats about it, I need a sleep.

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