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Currently Worrying About: Not wanting to walk to work in the rain, so catching a stinky bus instead.

Ok, I thought seeing as there's a good chance I don't get back to this until the new year, I should try to do a quick end of year wrap up. Which I suppose is quite strange because this blog doesn't contain any of the years happenings, so everything will sound quite vague if you didn't know about it already.

Im trying to think what life was like at the start of this year. My job was frustrating, but not as bad as it became. My flat was slightly different, as Claire moved out which allowed a set of twins to live with me.

I probably vowed to do a lot of things at the start of the year. I remember meeting someone that I fancied, and I remember screwing that up badly over quite a long and drawn out period of time. But I don't think about that so much these days.

This was a year where I really began embracing folk and country music again. Favourite artist of the year is a toss up between Bob Dylan and Sufjan Stevens. I got, but didn't get the Luke Buda and Sam Scott albums as much as some people. Mostly because I have been stuck listening to the same things over and over and they didn't get a look in.

I got my real birth certificate this year. So now I know that when I was born I was called Ewan (oh dear) James (wha?) and then my original surname. My parents didn't know at all, so it was a surprise to them to have the James as well.

I have seen pictures of my birth mother at high school, thanks to Oldfriends, its quite odd. I probably would have met her by now, but the person who was pushing me along kind of disappeared midway through the year (see above).

I can't really be bothered getting into more detail. But I have to say it has been a very interesting year. Where I have ranged from being as unhappy as I have ever been, to now, where really I am as happy as I can remember being in a long long long time.

Oh yeah, this year I found my first white hair.
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