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Happy New Years to any of you who stumble across my corner of the webosphere and bother to click on the clicky things to read my ramblings.

I feel like this will be a good year. For me, perhaps not the planet.

Vague resolutions include: Not feeling like I missed out on something that was in my grasp anymore. Finishing what I start if I get in similar situations again. Being braver. Playing more guitar, and relearning piano. Writing. Not feeling bad or guilty for things I haven't done or for things that were out of my control. Being there for people more. Introspection must be productive, not self destructive.

I sometimes wonder whether I would accept an offer of a do-over for some of what I did last year. I certainly regret how things panned out, but I think im better for it, so maybe not a do-over, but a second chance would have been good.

Despite all that you'll note that I didn't need to resolve to be happy. At least, I have noted it. You may not be as observant as me.

Plans for the year, vague and defined: Finish veranda on cottage, install french doors, build lean-to and shift bathroom, save money to spend on interior decoration; including planning for a new kitchen, and potentially installing a wood-fire that goes between two rooms. Have a week-long holiday by myself somewhere I have never been before. Given how much of the country I have seen that could mean taking my first trip overseas. Buy an espresso machine and learn how to make great coffee - using fair-trade beans from People's Coffee because the unfairness of the rest taints the brew. Buy a bottle of wine every week and have enough not drunk that I can entertain with great choices at dinner parties - perhaps even join a wine club. HAVE DINNER PARTIES - I can cook good, so I should share the love. Go out on the town with my Aunty when she is up studying. Visit friends who live in the far flung reaches of New Zealand - go away for weekends.

Thats enough for now, this way I have documented a potential road map for my year.

Have a good one folks!
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