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I haven't read the actual article, but Jo's reproduction of the interview is interesting stuff. And make me think about why I have done all of this in the past, and obviously continue to do it.

Jo and I actually started out on this here series of tubes around the same time back in 1997. Though I think I was late 1997, whereas she was probably early. Im not entirely sure.

Pretty much from the get-go I had a website. I was on Geocities before yahoo even bought the damned thing. I probably would still have the space that I had back then, except a couple of years ago, I got totally scammed in a drunken haze one night when I entered my yahoo password in a page that looked like a geocities one, except wasn't.

Anyway, Im just trying to establish my pedigree here - and prove how much of a geek I really am / have been. Oh who am I kidding, TOTALLY AM! I never updated enough for it to have been considered a journal at all. Though randomly the year I went to chef school I was reading something I had written 5 years earlier, which said that I would be going to study to become a chef that very year. Which is kinda freaky weird nostradamus style, as it was a plan that I had completely abandoned pretty much as soon as I got to Wellington.

I didn't really start journalling until July 2002, when apparantely it was called a weblog. Oh, be careful following that link because it redirects something fierce to this one. But if you're quick and click on the archives and then click on an entry you'll get to read my blather. Actually its not just mine.

Oh jesus. Im waffling all over the place here. I tend to write terribly when I am tired. So please forgive. I'll try very had to get to the point of this post which is to explain why I write, what I get out of it and who I write for.

Quickly then...

I write because I really enjoy it. Im not actually very good at it, but I did get so enthused once that I thought I might even make an acceptable author at some stage. Man, its kinda funny reading that back. I used to write loads of stories when I was a kid. In Standard 4 I did a whole series of short horror stories. Good fun. I wonder if they're stored in the shed at the farm anywhere.

Before I got too depressed about the whole thing, this was a really good chronicle of me. It was an easy way to recollect, reflect and reminisce. But then I tore it all down and started anew. It got real dark and ugly there for a while and, then it basically got abandoned. Which was a pity, because for a while I think I might actually have been good at "blogging" this was probably around Bizgirl's heydey. I think I even got a mention in the DomPost thank's to Mr Guthrie. This all leads to the next bit.

I write for people to read. As much as I get stuff out of it, I actually really enjoyed keeping the few people who read me up to date with what was going on. And then there was some weird satisfaction in realising that I was the car crash that people stared at while driving slowly by. Now, well its back to keeping a few people up to date with where I am at. And really, that's probably good enough for now. I can handle not having the mad fly visitor stats that I had in yesteryear.
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